The product development process

Stage 1: Discovery and development

Lilac Corp specializes in natural treatments developed using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer program called Computer Intuition.  The program was designed to turn scientists into geniuses.

Imagine Einstein working in developing a natural treatment.  Imagine someone with his ability to choose the right direction to work on, his talent to recognize meaningful findings, his genius to leap from old concepts to new and more promising ideas!

Einstein and other great scientists had one overwhelming talent, great intuition.  This talent led them to discover pathways not charted on any map, and ensured that these pathways would become highways traveled by generations of scientists in their expeditions to uncover the secrets of nature.

We believe that the above setting is not merely wishful thinking.  The AI computer program, called Computer Intuition, was modeled to stimulate the intuition of genius scientists, and therefore, turn average scientists into “Einsteins.”

The basic premise of the Computer Intuition program is that every future event is preceded by hints, and that the key to realizing these events is recognizing the future significance of these hints.

The computer program analyzes published scientific papers and assigns a rating to all the ideas found in the text.  The rating can be interpreted as intuitive significance.  The higher the intuitive significance of an idea, the more it hints on future discoveries or future inventions.  The program was designed to mimic the intuition of the greatest minds in science such as Einstein, Newton, Edison and Tesla, and was called Computer Intuition.

Consider the following figure.

The red line marks the volume of information available to a community of scientists on a certain subject, over time.  The beginning of the line marks the “hints” period, and the end of the line marks the time where all the relevant information is known to everyone.  The blue line marks the number of scientists that understand the true significance of the available information, over time.  An average scientist understands the true significance of the information when most of it is already known, see point 1.  A brilliant scientist appreciates its true significance when a small portion of it is known, see point 2.  An “Einstein” grasps its significance when only a few hints are available.  This difference between the “Einstein” and the brilliant scientist, when measured in time, can be translated into years, or even decades.  Like Einstein, with Computer Intuition, scientists grasp the true significance of the little available information much faster than any other scientist.

In 2007, when Lilac Corp was founded, it licensed Gene-Eden-VIR, the first treatment developed using Computer Intuition.  

State 2: Clinical testing

The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) conducted clinical studies to test the Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin treatments.  As predicted by the developers, the clinical studies showed that the treatments are effective, have no side effects, and are better than the leading antiviral drugs available on the market.†  The results of these tests were published in several leading peer-reviewed medical journals, such as Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Drug Design, Development and Therapy, and Clinical and Translational Medicine.  The published scientific papers that report the results of the clinical tests are available on the center’s website at, and on Pubmed, the database of medical studies maintained by the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Next Step

Lilac Corp is planing to continue licensing new treatments developed using Computer Intuition as they become available.